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Jogendra Singh (IIT-Kgp'55), saw the necessity for an organization to serve the needs of the IIT alumni in Canada, and had the vision to set up the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Alumni Association (IITKAA) in Toronto in 1979. Very soon, alumni from the other IITs began attending IITKAA's events and in 1996, it blossomed out into the Indian Institutes of Technology Alumni Canada (IITAC).

In the early days of IITKAA, Jogendra Singh always had at least 2 events per year: a dinner in the spring, and a picnic in the summer in parks in or around Toronto. Later, this was expanded by IITAC's Board to having lectures and seminars in the fall, which could assist IITians in their professional careers, especially those who had newly arrived in Canada. Another initiative of IITAC has been IFI (IITians For IITians), wherein the older more experienced members, act as mentors to their recently arrived colleagues. There is also a popular cultural program especially for the children of members.

In 2004, a formal constitution for IITAC was adopted after much deliberation, discussion and debate. Shortly thereafter, IITAC was incorporated as a 'not-for-profit' corporation in Canada. In June 2006, IITAC hosted the North American Regional Conference in the Pan-IIT system with over 450 attendees, many of whom came from the USA; and in June 2014, it also hosted the Pan-IIT Conference, attended by over 1000 business professionals, technocrats, innovators, entrepreneurs and government officials from Canada, USA, India and other countries.

IITAC has also awarded several Lifetime Achievement Awards (LAA) as well as Young Achievers Awards.Below are listed a few of the LAA awardees:

1. Jogendra Singh, IIT-Kgp, EE 1955 (IITAC President 1979-93); received award in Nov 2012.

2. Bill Thompson, IIT-Kgp, ME 1957 (IITAC President 1996-98); received award in Nov 2013.

3. Utpal Banerjee, IIT-Kgp, ChE 1968 (IITAC V.P. for several years); received award in Nov 2015.

On October 1, 2016, IITAC held a one-day international conference at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill, Ontario, entitled: ‘Towards a Sustainable and Prosperous Future’ with the focus being on Technology, Health and the Environment.  About 250 people attended the Conference, which was followed by a gala dinner for 400 people.  

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