Welcome to Association of Indian Institutes of Technology Alumni, Canada

Member Communications

  1.  Formal messages from the IIT Alumni Association of Canada (IITAC) Board to all members is via e-mail. Members are requested to keep their IITAC membership record updated with the current e-mail. This way you will continue to be promptly informed about news and events related to the IITAC community in specific and the wider Indo-Canada community in general.
  2. In addition to e-mail communication between members and the board there is a Telegram social media group for all IITAC members. Details about the Telegram group are available on the IITAC web site at IITAC Social Media
  3. To join the Telegram group:
    •  If you do not have the Telegram app, please download and install the Telegram app from https://telegram.org/.
    • After activating the Telegram account  request addition to the “IITAC Members” Telegram group by filling the form available at https://forms.gle/1PWNYM9bJbpqSKxYA. Information provided will be matched with IITAC Member Data and you will be added to the IITAC Telegram group.

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