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Event Report - IITAC Professional Development Day Event March 23 2019

The much awaited, full house, Professional Development Day Event went off perfectly earning rich kudos from the attendees.

The event start gave a new meaning to the term IST – almost everybody arrived on time and were registered efficiently, identifying newcomers to IITAC – IST means IITAC Starts on Time.

After Vivek called the meeting to order, those attending an IITAC event for the first time stood up and introduced themselves to the assembly. Ashraf Ali, President, welcomed all the attendees with special thanks for the folks signed up as mentors. He emphasised the importance of the mentoring process to the success of IITAC members..

Vivek quickly went through the scope of the Agenda of the meeting and set the ball rolling.

The tone of the event was set by the first speaker, Mohan Gan Sharma, a consummate Sales Executive heading Druva Inc. in Canada.  He had the whole audience from his first words and held their attention throughout his presentation. His topic was “The CV that gets results”. His speech was well researched and was based on his years of experience in Canada and overseas. He kept on topic and punctuated the talk with well spaced humour.  He had prepared points against which a resume could be checked in detail. His power-point presentation will be available on the IITAC website for members. At the end of his presentation he invited the audience to prepare their own resumes using the tools he had presented for checking. Gan Sharma’s easy manner and his loud and clear delivery set a standard for the quality of the event.

Mouneesh Sinha followed with his talk on “Preparing for job interviews in Canada”. At a young age he has already reached the position of Sr. Vice President at Primerica Canada. He drew the attention of the audience to the importance of always being prepared when talking to an executive of a company in which a job was sought. A coffee chat was also a form of interview. Proficiency in all forms of communication was emphasised. He spoke of keeping good relations with colleagues, because they could become references in the networking system. He encouraged all to develop a wide network, because often jobs are won through references than through advertised positions. His power-point presentation will be available on the IITAC website.

Sayli Malye of Randstad Canada who has a long standing relationship with IITAC, followed giving the perspective of a Technical Recruiter in a job hunt. She spoke about Alternative Approaches to the first job in Canada and Career Advancement. She made it clear that the job seeker rarely pays for the help received from a recruitment agency – the hiring company which is the client of the agency, pays. She spoke about mass recruitment as opposed to head hunting for a top executive. Resume preparation was reiterated. The recruiter compares the skills needed for the portfolio of jobs available, against job seekers who have them. They are chosen for interviews. Sayli represents a person who could be directly approached for finding a job, and she and her support staff could help the job seeker in the quest.

Raju Chander, a Professional Engineer who worked in Nuclear Power Engineering for over 40 years and  has been working with Professional Engineers Ontario, PEO, – the licensing body - addressed mainly to those seeking “The Route to a Professional Engineering Licence in Ontario”. He showed a flow chart which showed who qualified to be a licensed as a Professional Engineer, P.Eng., in Ontario and the route to be followed to get there. He made it clear that the resume to be submitted to obtain a P.Eng. licence was entirely different from that for obtaining a job. Whereas a job seeker’s resume should never exceed two pages, that for a P.Eng. application could even be 75 pages long. The emphasis was on the application of engineering principles, physics and mathematics principles in the work done. He explained that many jobs in which an engineering education was helpful, did not need a P.Eng. status. Experience in such jobs would not qualify for obtaining a P.Eng. licence.

Following the presentations by the Guest Speakers, Vivek Chandra, VP IFI and Mentorship went through the Structured Mentorship Programme for IITAC that he has prepared. He went through the Nature of Activities, Target Market and introduced the first batch of Mentors who had volunteered their services. He made it clear that there should be no expectations that a Mentor would intervene and get a job for the Mentee.

The Event was followed by lunch and networking between Mentors, Mentees and other attendees of the event.

Vivek Chandra, Govardhan Konda, Tarun Vasudeva and their team which worked tirelessly to make this event a grand success were thanked.

Report prepared by Vishwas B. Dhekney, P.Eng., IITAC VP Admin

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